The Art of Shamanic Practice: Relationships and Connection

Now in its 30th year, this is our shamanic framework-building course that leads to a One-year Certificate in Experiential Shamanism. It can be taken as a stand-alone course or as the first year of the five-year Certified Shamanic Practitioner® Program.

Our intention is to give you the best possible foundation for your shamanic way, whether you choose to remain in personal practice or to eventually work for others. It is a year for your own experience, healing, questions and to build a framework and connections for your future. You will also learn about using good judgment, ethical practice and staying safe in
the work.

In the classes we offer teaching for structuring your experiences, experience through ceremony and rituals such as the Stone-people-lodge and practices to support and integrate your work. Also, one-to-one counseling is offered between meetings to help you remain focused and to resolve questions and topics that emerge during the classes and practices.

Each year is tailored to the participants based on their life experiences and goals. With the support of the international FoxFire Community this training is unique in its depth and scope.

The meetings will focus on the following:

Part One: Developing the shamanic worldview, daily practices, building sacred space and working with intention.
Part Two: Working with your habits, sacred tool making, the language of ritual and working in trance.
Part Three: This meeting is held in the countryside where we will work with the Stone-people-lodge ceremony and a shamanic initiation ceremony.
Part Four: Dreaming, healing practices and integration.

Why study with us?

  • We offer a grounded, practical and experience-based approach.
  • We have small, focused working groups with typically 4 – 6 people per class.
  • We offer a personalized learning environment with time for questions, critical thinking, reflection, feedback, and integration.
  • Safety: we provide an ethically grounded and drug-free working environment
  • Experience: our Yearlong in Experiential Shamanism began in January 1993 and our Certified Shamanic Practitioner® Program in 1999. Since then, we have graduated over 25 one-year classes, 8 four-year classes as well as certifying 24 professional practitioners trained in guiding and facilitating people on their path of growth and healing.
  • We have a fantastic international community of graduates who continue to support each other long after graduation.


  • Class supplies
  • Tea pauses
  • 4 individual counseling/feedback hours
  • Completion Certificate
  • FoxFire Library: Books & DVDs (English/German)
  • Wi-Fi access at school
  • Classes are taught in English with German translation available. Class handouts are available in English and German

Next step: Contact us for an informal phone or in-person interview.

Class size maximum of 6 participants
1725,- or 150,- for 12 rates.