These topics were created to allow our CSPs to gain additional qualifications in the subject of their choice. They are also for our current CSP® 4th & 5th-year students to specialize in a field of work.

All participants work on their own projects under supervision as well as on the FoxFire Community events and projects. There are normally 2 places per fellowship.

Fellowships – €145, – per month (Jan – Dec)
Specialties – included in CSP fees

Current Topics 2024:

Counseling from an Indigenous and Shamanic Perspective

Sacred Music

All Topics:

Art and Creativity
Writing and Storytelling

Teaching and Leadership
Enneagram, Transformation, and Shadow work

Facilitating Circle Work

Working with Plants
Working with Places

Counseling from an Indigenous and Shamanic Perspective
Counseling for Spiritual Emergence and Emergencies

Hands-on Practice: Working with Adults or Children
Hands-on Practice: Working with Animals
Hands-on Practice: Death and Dying & Terminal Care

Native American Medicine
Stone People Lodge
Vision and Healing Quests

Sacred Music
Sacred Crafts and Tools

Special Topic (Open)