Our professional education for people who want to work as shamanic practitioners or want to integrate shamanistic work into their established professional practice

This is our professional education that leads to either certification as a shamanic practitioner or integrated practice as a shamanistic practitioner.

Our program offers two different pathways:

The shamanistic pathway allows you to integrate some techniques and/or ways of working into your professional work as for example a psychotherapist, coach, physician, teacher etc.

The shamanic pathway puts shamanism at the center of your professional practice as a spiritual pathway, approach and technique. The focus is on becoming a professional shamanic practitioner in your own right. You choose your way of practicing in the 4th year of the training when you will choose a specialty to train in.

The first three years of the two pathways are taught together as the material for both and especially the underlying (shamanic) process is the same. What distinguishes them is your intention and the potential professional knowledge you already bring to the class.

The first year of the practitioner training (see Foundation Year) is focussed on your own personal and spiritual growth. You will have a chance to work on your own themes, to develop and deepen your spiritual practices and built your spiritual connections.

The second and third years of the education are focussed on all aspects of becoming a practitioner, including professionalism, ethics, law, working with others and more while deepening your shamanic/shamanistic work.

The fourth and fifth years of the practitioner training are dedicated to developing your own work. You will pick a specialty in which to train in (see Fellowships) or work on integrating shamanistic practice into your existing professional practice. Specialties have a taught component and a practical component. You will begin working on your own projects, under close supervision.

The complete training is underpinned by an ongoing shamanic process. Self-development and experiential work are integral to professional training. You will have a chance to work on deepening and mapping your connections to the spirit world and on your themes as they relate to becoming a practitioner.

Program overview:

  • A one-year foundation course in experiential shamanic studies
  • A two-year course in professionalism, safety, ethical practice, law, business, health and disease, psychology, first aid, etc. related to shamanic practice
  • Two years of education and training in their chosen specialty (please see our fellowship page for a complete list)
  • One year of supervised practice
  • A formal written, oral & practical examination

After completing the above, each practitioner takes an oath of professional conduct and ethical standards. Graduates on the shamanic pathway are then invited to certify.

Our program is taught at the graduate level, so you should have a degree or equivalent vocational training or professional experience. You will also need to possess a good level of understanding of both written and spoken English.

Please visit our Certified Shamanic Practitioner® website for more information on the certification process.


  • Class supplies
  • Tea pauses
  • 4 individual counseling/feedback hours
  • FoxFire Library: Books & DVDs (English/German)
  • Wi-Fi access at school
  • overnight accommodation at the school
  • Classes are taught in English. Class handouts are in English with some in German

Fees for the class beginning January 2024: 1950,- or 162,- for 12 rates

Next step: Contact us for an informal phone or in-person pre-interview or attend one of our Taster Days held in October and January each year.

Why study with us?

  • We offer a grounded, practical and experience-based approach.
  • We have small, focused working groups with typically 4 – 6 people per class.
  • We offer a personalized learning environment with time for questions, critical thinking, reflection, feedback, and integration.
  • Safety: we provide an ethically grounded and drug-free working environment
  • Experience: our Yearlong in Experiential Shamanism began in January 1993 and our Certified Shamanic Practitioner® Program in 1999. Since then, we have graduated over 25 one-year classes, 8 four-year classes as well as certifying 24 professional practitioners trained in guiding and facilitating people on their path of growth and healing.
  • We have a fantastic international community of graduates who continue to support each other long after graduation.