The Enneagram is integrated into all of our programs. If you are interested in more information about this tool, we can recommend the following books:

Palmer, Helen. The Enneagram, Understanding Yourself and the Others in Your Life. San Francisco: Harper Collins, 1988.

A solid and grounded introduction to the subject. The first chapters are a little challenging to access for some. It can be helpful to go straight to the personality types and then read the beginning later on. Includes lists of what can help and things to be aware of for each point.

Palmer, Helen. The Enneagram in Love & Work. San Francisco: Harper Collins, 1995.

A great book for once you have a grasp of the system. This book puts together the different personality types in love and work relationships, and points out their strengths and challenges.

Blake, A.G.E.. The Intelligent Enneagram. Boston: Shambhala, 1996.

A complex book covering the structure of the enneagram symbol including the math and musical aspects. It does not include information about the Enneagram of personality.

Maitri, Sandra. The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram, Nine Faces of the Soul. New York: Tarcher – Putnam, 2000.

A good book and author to help deepen your understanding after you have worked with your habits for some years. Not a good introduction. Can be unsettling for some.

Other resources from Helen Palmer, including online classes and recordings, can be found here